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Solar Pond Aerator - Lzmx-AP100-10

Revitalize Your Pond with the Powerful 10W Solar Air Pump - Keep Your Fish Happy and Healthy with 22-110 Hours of Oxygenation and 3 Modes to Choose From!


The 10W Solar Air Pump for Fish Pond is a must-have for any pond owner or hydroponic enthusiast. This air pump has an output of 22-110 hours, making it a reliable source of aeration for your pond or hydroponic system. The air hoses and bubble stones included with the pump ensure that the oxygen is evenly distributed throughout the water. The pump also has 3 modes, allowing you to adjust the amount of air flow to suit your needs. With a 20 ft extension cable, you can place the pump in a convenient location without worrying about it being too far from the power source. The Lzmx-AP100-10 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve the health of their fish or plants, while also being environmentally conscious.