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Koi Pond Solar Air Pump Bubbler

Revitalize Your Koi Pond with Our 5W Solar Air Pump Bubbler - 24-72 Hours Output, 3 Modes, and 20 ft Extension Cable for Ultimate Flexibility!

- Versatile: The 20 ft extension cable and 3 modes of operation make this solar air pump bubbler suitable for use in various outdoor settings, including backyard ponds, hydroponic tanks, and fish tanks. It also comes with a hose bubble stone, which helps to distribute the oxygen evenly in the water.
- High Output: The 5W Battery Backup Solar Air Pump Bubbler has a maximum output of 2
- 2GPH, which is sufficient for small to medium-sized ponds and hydroponic tanks.

The 5W Battery Backup Solar Air Pump Bubbler for Koi Pond is a must-have for any backyard hydroponic tank or koi pond. With a 24-72 hour output and 20 ft extension cable, this solar aerator oxygenator is perfect for ensuring that your aquatic life stays healthy and happy. Equipped with 3 modes and a 22.2GPH hose bubble stone, this solar air pump bubbler provides optimal oxygenation and circulation for your pond or tank. The battery backup ensures that your aquatic life is protected even during power outages. With its easy-to-install design and efficient operation, the 5W Battery Backup Solar Air Pump Bubbler is a reliable and eco-friendly choice for any pond or tank owner.